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Jake Lindholm is a young talented singer and songwriter! With a voice sounding like a mix between Johnny Cash and Jason Mraz he combines country, folk and pop music into a modern and unique sound. 

Feeling and story are important! Jake is always striving to touch the listener in one way or another. This demands lyrics with a story and a meaning, which is something he always tries to create. This is where Jakes background in the country genre becomes clear. 

Growing up on a horse ranch in the south of Sweden has of course played a big part in Jakes interest for country music. However, it was first when he started high school that country music really became a big part of his music career. Since then Nashville has never been far away, both physically and musically. 

His solo debut was made in Mars 2018 with the single Already Gone. The song was written together with the songwriter and friend Amalia Bosma and produced/mixed by another close friend Andreas Eriksson. 

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